The Human Rights & Social Justice Program (HRSJ) offers a group of first year medical students a chance to develop their understandings of health equity, human rights, and social justice through research, advocacy, and coursework. Over the years, the HRSJ program has served as an important internal community of Mount Sinai students dedicated to local issues of justice and equity.

The program consists of a weekly course in the Fall and service-learning experiences throughout East Harlem. For more information, we encourage you to look at our old syllabi, as well as information on service-learning experiences.

HRSJ is run by a group of second-year medical students each year who also function as Mount Sinai’s chapter of Physicians for Human Rights, and are mentored by Dr. Ann-Gel Palermo at Sinai’s Center for Multicultural & Community Affairs.


2017-2018 HRSJ students, leaders, Sinai mentors, and some community partners


2016-2017 HRSJ students, leaders, and Sinai mentors